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Storefront glass can shield your business from theft and storm damage all year long. For this reason, Palmetto Glass & Mirror strives to be the Charleston area’s leading expert on safety glass. This particular type of glass is typically composed of two panes bound together by a plastic interlayer. The plastic interlayer is almost impossible to penetrate, and it provides the safety glass with its famous unbreakable characteristics. Every business owner wants to protect their investment, and by installing this type of glass, your investment will remain safe and sound for years to come. Regardless of your company’s location, we can assist you with all of your commercial glass needs.
Beautiful Entryways for Your Business
Custom glass storefronts cannot only provide you with safety but also dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your property. These storefronts can be custom-made into a stunning visual display that will entice customers and capture the attention of anyone who walks by. Many property owners underestimate the power of aesthetics, but customers are easily distracted by unsavory features such as cracked glass or crumbling sidewalks. This may seem daunting at first, but you can easily breathe new life into the exterior of your building with a sleek and modern glass entrance. Glass entrances can also:
  • Last several years with minimum upkeep
  • Take attention away from other unsightly external problems (e.g., overgrown grass or poor signage)
  • Allow customers to see your merchandise from afar
Simply put, there are many practical uses for this type of glass.
Call Today to Speak With a Professional
Palmetto Glass & Mirror can assist you with all of your commercial glass projects, and our knowledge of glass entryways is simply unmatched. If you live in Charleston and need to speak with a professional glass company, call us today at 843-556-0314.