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6 Ways Safety Glass Protects Your Home

A House With Safety Glass
As a homeowner, you work hard to protect your property from threats. You may have motion detection lights and an alarm system to reduce the risk of theft, a maintenance schedule to prevent siding and roof damage, and a perimeter fence to control access to your yard.

When you decide to upgrade your windows, you may not think of this choice as an opportunity to protect your property further. However, certain types of window glass, such as laminated safety glass, can be a wise addition to the safety measures you already have in place. In this blog, we list six ways safety glass can potentially protect your home.

1. Child and Pet Proofing

As a parent, pet owner, or both, you know the importance of keeping your property safe for the most vulnerable members of your family. Windows, especially those on upper stories, can be a significant safety concern for small children and climbing pets - like cats.

While safety glass cannot prevent a child from opening a window unsupervised, this reinforced glass ensures that your child never accidentally breaks the glass during play and that your animal never falls through.

2. Light Transfer Control

One of the most common types of residential safety glass is created by laminating a layer of polyvinyl butyral or PVB plastic between panes of glass. The PVB layer can be treated to accomplish a number of purposes, some as exotic as changing the color of the window glass completely.

In most situations, the treatment on this PVB layer primarily serves to control the amount of UV light that transfers through the glass. This light control prevents sun damage to carpets, artwork, and upholstered furniture. Additionally, light control can assist in general climate control.

3. Reduced Risk of Unexpected Costs

Accidents happen, especially around windows. An unexpected broken window can constitute a significant cost that may take away from other items in your budget. Unlike conventional window glass, safety glass resists most impact without shattering.

When you invest in safety glass, however, you know that your windows can withstand any stray ball or seasonal storm without a hit to your wallet.

4. Safety From Injury

In addition to the reduced risk of broken windows in general, safety glass also reduces the hazard posed by your windows if they should eventually break. When safety glass breaks, the PVB stretches and sticks to the glass.

This unique design means that safety glass tends to not fall out of the frame. Even when the pane shatters completely, the resulting pieces have less jagged edges.

5. Security

Because safety glass withstands large amounts of impact, this window glass option can protect you from more nefarious threats than neighborhood ball games. Many homeowners opt for safety glass windows because they want to reduce the threat of burglary.

Most home intruders are opportunists who look for houses they can enter easily. Because safety glass does not break without large amounts of effort and noise, your home is less likely to be targeted.

6. Sound Pollution Reduction

The layered nature of safety glass controls noise levels in a similar manner to how it controls UV light. If you live in a busy area, then safety glass can dampen the ambient sounds of airplanes, traffic, or nightlife from outside - making your home a quiet sanctuary.

As you prepare to upgrade your windows, consider opting for safety glass to reap all of the benefits listed above. To discuss your window glass options and get expert installation of whatever product you choose, trust our team at Palmetto Glass & Mirror Inc. Contact us today for more information.