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4 Reasons to Transform Your Dining Room With a Glass Tabletop

Glass Table On Living Room
A dining table is more than just a place where the family enjoys their meals; it's also a statement about the home's style. The table is often the focal point of the dining room, and to take command of this role, the table must dazzle.
A glass tabletop is a perfect way to meet this goal. If you're planning to add a new dining table to your home or considering an update, then read on to learn why a glass tabletop is a valuable investment. 
1. Versatile Style
A glass tabletop is a blank canvas. You can mold glass into whatever design style you'd like, as glass can easily transcend between a classic, modern, or casual look with just a quick swapping of the table linens or settings. Glass also pairs seamlessly with other elements in the room, such as chairs, buffets, and china cabinets.
For instance, if you want to replace the dining room chairs, but don't necessarily want to buy a new table, with a glass tabletop you don't have to worry about changing the table since glass takes on whatever style it's around. If you are someone who likes to change your home decor frequently, then a glass tabletop is an excellent addition. 
2. Wood Protection
Maybe you already have a wood dining table you love, but you're looking for a way to enhance it. A glass tabletop will add more sophistication to the room and also protect your furniture to ultimately extend its lifespan.
Many dining rooms have large windows that allow natural light in the home and help showcase the beauty of the space. These windows are a great addition, but prolonged sun exposure can cause a wood table to fade and lead to cell wall destruction, which may lead to further damage.
A glass tabletop will serve as a barrier between the table and the sun to protect your wood and keep the table in your family for years to come. 
3. Greater Durability
For households with children, durability is an essential furniture element, and the dining table isn't an exception. Homework, spills, tossed silverware, and the occasional toy car are just some of the scenarios the family dining table faces on a regular basis. Glass tabletops are designed to withstand these daily incidents, and much more.
Tempered glass tabletops multiply the safety of the glass. With many tables, the rigors of everyday wear would lead to dents, scratches, and other unsightly damage. If you have younger children, then design a glass tabletop with a bullnose, pencil, or other blunt-end edge profile to safeguard your little one should they bump into the table. 
4. Easy Cleaning
After a day at work and preparing dinner, the least exciting thing on the to-do list is cleaning, but it's a necessary task. A glass tabletop will simplify your cleanup process. Take wood, for instance. Wood cleanup is a multi-step process that involves wiping down the table with a cleaning solution and then wiping down the table again with a wood protector.
In contrast, cleaning a glass tabletop requires nothing more than a cloth and bottle of cleaning solution, and you're finished. Just make sure you're always using a clean, microfiber cloth to achieve a streak-free clean and to protect the glass from scratches. 
If you're looking for a classic design that adds a stylish flair while also simplifying your cleanup process, then a glass tabletop is the way to go. Whether you're looking to design a small or large tabletop, our team at Palmetto Glass & Mirror can craft a custom glass selection just for you. Contact us to learn how we can transform your space.