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4 Feng Shui Glass and Mirror Ideas

Mirror Reflecting Trees Outside
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing your physical environment to promote harmony in your life. Part of this art relates to natural elements. In Feng Shui, glass represents the water element. Likewise, mirrors have a special place in Feng Shui practices because they can double the energy in a space because of their reflective properties.
Generally speaking, Feng Shui practices result in attractive and functional décor. If you'd like to experiment with the art of Feng Shui, try some of the glass and mirror design possibilities below.
1. Cover Your Wooden Desktop With Glass
Covering a much-used wooden surface with protective glass makes sense, but this action also relates to Feng Shui. Water, as represented by glass, nourishes the wood element in the creative cycle. What's more, water represents the flow of your career.
The goal is to add the creative cycle elements in your home office, where you likely engage in at least some career-related activities. Covering your wooden desktop with glass speaks to this ideal. 
You can also look for more ways to incorporate glass into the space. Along the creative cycle, metal nourishes water, so you can also combine the two. One example of doing this would be with a custom glass side table.
2. Hang a Mirror in the Dining Room
Different areas of your home relate to areas of your life. The dining room represents your wealth vault, which is your capacity to hold onto wealth. Therefore, you want to increase the energy in this space. To that end, the dining room is a suitable room for hanging a mirror.
You have different methods for hanging a mirror in your dining room. Good décor principles can help you here. For instance, interior decorators often hang a mirror so it reflects a light fixture, which increases the brightness in your room. A common practice is also to hang a mirror to reflect a window. For Feng Shui purposes, make sure the outdoors present a peaceful picture.
3. Add Glass in an East-Facing Room
Another Feng Shui principle incorporates compass directions. The eastern direction relates to wood. As noted above, water feeds the wood element. In order to nurture this element, you want to incorporate décor that represents water. Glass is the best way to do this.
How you add glass to the area depends on what room is located in the eastern sector. If it's a bathroom, adding glass is easy - you can add a glass shower door or even have the whole stall enclosed in glass. If your kitchen is in the east, consider a glass backsplash instead of a tiled one. For a living room, look into having the tables covered in glass or hanging glass wall art.
4. Reflect Plant Life With a Mirror
Going back to the elements, Feng Shui practices recommend bringing nature into the home. Naturally, the easiest way to do this is with houseplants. However, if you have a beautiful tree or other plant-filled vista outside a window, you can hang a mirror to reflect the view. The goal is to reaffirm your link to the natural world.
Even if you're sticking with houseplants, consider creating a tableau that reflects the plant. So, let's say you have a tall plant with gorgeous tropical foliage. Perhaps you could prop a mirror behind it to reflect even more of that fecundity into your room. Conversely, you could place a mirror in one room to reflect a plant from a different room to draw the energy further into your home.
Bring harmony into your world and beauty into your décor by trying Feng Shui practices related to glass and mirrors. Let the experts at Palmetto Glass & Mirror provide the materials for your décor update.