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3 Ways Glass and Mirrors Can Beautify Your Living Room

A Living Room With Mirror
Many people use their living room to entertain guests. Therefore, they want their living room to make a positive impression. You can achieve that ambiance by using glass and mirrors to create a bright and airy atmosphere with interesting visuals.
Glass is a naturally reflective surface that disappears into the background. And of course, mirrors are reflective, making a space look bigger and multiplying interesting textures and colors throughout a room. Consider some of the following ideas for a unique and beautiful living room.
1. Reflect your Window Treatments
Many homeowners use mirrors to reflect natural light streaming in from a window. However, you can make your mirror do double duty if you hang it to also reflect your window treatments. First, hang window treatments with colors and patterns that you want to pull through to the rest of the room. Make sure that you arrange the window in question so that the curtains drape gracefully and make a visually attractive display.
Next, choose a large mirror that fits on a wall opposite the window. Work on shifting the mirror around so that it makes a frame for the reflection of the window treatments. You'll also get the benefit of reflecting the light. But by paying attention to your draperies in the placement of your mirror, you'll also get color and pattern on that wall.
2. Reflect a Statue on a Glass Tabletop
Hanging a mirror to reflect artwork is another way to create a beautiful presentation in your living room. In this case, you can also enhance the light reflection by utilizing glass. Place a glass table in your living room so that the glass catches light from a window or light fixture. Then choose a work of art to place on top of the glass tabletop. Depending on your style preferences, you can choose traditional or modern art.
Find an oversized mirror that matches the rest of the d├ęcor in your room. This mirror needs to be hung so it reflects the statue. Ideally, the mirror should also catch the glass tabletop so that it reflects the light back into your space. One option is to actually position the table and statue directly in front of the mirror for texture. However, the mirror could be several feet away too.
3. Illuminate Glass Shelves
Naturally, glass will reflect light back into the room. However, you can enhance this effect by actually backlighting glass shelves, which can be accomplished in a number of different ways.
For one, you can replace shelving in a built-in unit with custom-cut glass. To illuminate the shelves, you have a couple options. One is to illuminate from above with recessed lighting. This illumination creates a showcase effect. The second option is to illuminate from below, which creates an interplay of light and shadow. That's a more artistic effect.
If you don't have built-in shelving, consider having custom glass shelving cut to fit a blank wall. You can have the glass panels hung in a traditional formation, or you can use a series of panels hung in both horizontal and vertical orientation for an artistic look.
One method of illuminating these glass shelves is by training a track light in their direction. However, you can also have the shelves backlit. To backlight your shelves, your contractors would actually attach lighting to the wall with the glass shelf affixed above.
Custom cut glass and mirrors can make your living room into a uniquely beautiful space that feels bright and airy. When you're ready to enhance your living room with glass and mirrors, visit the professionals at Palmetto Glass & Mirror Inc.